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Communication Design

Logo Design / Corporate Identity

Every Brand has its own unique ‘Brand Personality’, which is vibrant mix of tangible and intangible characteristics attributed to the brand. At Eisbrecher, we strive to recognize these attributes, and convey your brand message effectively in campaign after campaign. Result? Better brand recall from your prospects at the time of purchase.

Marketing Collaterals

Marketing Collaterals are an important tool in the hands of Sales or Marketing folks, and are the ideal ‘Eisbrecher’ or Ice Breaker while initiating a discussion. We appreciate this, and that is why, all collateral generated by us create a strong positioning statement in the minds of your prospects. In addition to superior design capabilities, we have an adroit team of copy writers, some of whom are from a technical background. This helps us understand your business correctly, and interpret your solutions effectively.

Some of the collateral created till date
a. Brochures/Catalogs/Flyers/Leaflets
b. Annual Reports/Sustainable Practices Report, etc
c. Newsletters/Magazines
d. Posters/Banners/Backdrops

Packaging Design

In a crowded marketplace, Retailers are constantly challenged by the need to rise above similar products and offerings. Packaging Design can help in a big way and a good packaging design is a plus point. The right choice of colors, graphics and messages can grab the prospect’s attention and make a big difference in brand recall. Talk to us, and we can share samples or success stories of excellent packaging design.