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Pylon SignBoard

Adopting the right kind of marketing techniques is important in today’s competitive business world, and it takes quite a lot of investment as well. If you are planning to invest, pylon signs are your best bet.

To simply put, pylon signs are a lightbox cabinet that is mounted to a pole, which is then placed at different locations. One of the main reasons why businesses use pylon signs is because they are visible from a long distance. Pylon signs are a great way to make a statement for your company by establishing the look and feel of it. They also strengthen your brand and improve your advertising style.

Usually, pylon signs are used at parking lots, or on highways where the businesses need to be proactive in attracting customers coming from a distance. The illuminated sign will be visible both during the day and at night, giving your business a competitive edge. When you are working with an experienced group of branding professionals like us, you can get pylon signs that match the branding of your commercial property, keeping the look and feel of the brand consistent.

Pylon Signs are Best Suited for Small and Rising Businesses

Better Exposure and Visibility: As a small business, the main idea of advertising should be to increase your brand visibility, to let people be aware that you are open for business. Pylon signs are placed at a significant height that it’s visible from any distance or height.

Used as a Landmark: Having a pylon sign with your brand’s name and logo, placed at any significant location have the potential to be used as a landmark. This is one of the most efficient word-of-mouth marketing. Your business’s name will be used by more people, creating an awareness that’s irreplaceable.

High-way Advertising: Whether you want to attract the people among the local traffic or the rushing highway traffic, pylon signs are a perfect choice. It grabs the attention of people quickly with its flashy and fancy art. You also have an option to go crazy with the fonts, colors, and design.

Easily Customizable: Depending on your budget, specifications, and needs, you can customize the pylon signs however you want. There is a wide range to choose from – backlit cabinets, rotating pylon signs, double-sided ones, and more.

Easy Maintenance: One of the significant advantages of pylon signs is that most of them have inserts. If you want to change the design or change your ad, you can just replace the inserts, with a new one.

At Eisbrecherworld, you can get a wide variety of pylon signs to choose from, to suit your needs. If you want to know more about we can customize the pylon signs for you, get in touch with our professionals today.

Whether you’re looking for great-looking Pylon SignBoard in Doha, make Eisbrecherworld your first choice.



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P.O. Box: 37677, Zone No. 57,
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