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Floor Marking Signs

Improve Workplace Safety with Floor Marking Signs by Eisbrecher

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    Floor Marking Signs

    Improve Workplace Safety with Floor Marking Signs by Eisbrecher

    Floor marking signs for offices, factories and industrial complexes

    When you think about it, you may see floor marking signs almost everywhere. They are visible at every workplace, warehouse, factories- alerting workers of safety practices, precautions as well as security guidelines. Especially with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, floor marking signs have become even more important in making people understand how close or far they are from one another. Marking floors for social distancing has been a key feature of floor marking signs since 2020 and if you’re looking for such signs for your office, contact Esibrecher, we will be glad to help you.

    We are here for your company’s overall floor marking signages

    Floor marking signs can be considered as a part of a company’s overall safety sign system. At Eisbrecher, we create clear floor marking signs that can help your employees navigate safely through a busy or potentially hazardous zone. Our floor sign can hold up against heavy foot as well as forklift traffic. You can choose from several types of floor marking signs from our portfolio and our team can complete the order for you. While traditional floor paint chips and may fade over time and workers get blind wall signs after a bit, we ensure that our floor signs will stay bright, bold, and intact for years to come.

    Different types of floor marking signs:
    • High-traffic areas: Many facilities, especially warehouses have people and forklifts travelling near each other in close quarters. Here floor marking signs can be used effectively to safely direct operators, enforce traffic rules, or keep pedestrians out of forklift lanes.
    • Safety alerts: We can create ‘Slippery when wet’ signs or “Warning: Watch for Overhead Hazards” signs that can serve as effective reminders for workers to be careful.
    • Evacuation sign: Wayfinding is one of the most logical uses of floor marking signs and this is true when it comes to emergency evacuations. We offer clear floor marking signs that can help employees safely navigate to an exit.
    Sign Blindness – A Problem

    Broadly speaking, warning signs can be categorized into any type of safety alerting workers or anyone visiting an industrial facility that has several potential safety hazards.  One of the problems employers and safety managers often come across is “sign blindness”. In this scenario, workers no longer are benefitting from the message on the sign because their brain doesn’t even register it. “Sign blindness” may be a result of having the same sign being posted for years or having too many signs clustered together or poor placement of the sign. You won’t have to worry about this problem with Eisbrecher, we will make sure that signs are placed at a distance from each other so they can be clearly visible. 

    Sign Blindness
    Easy to clean

    Even though our floor marking signs are long-lasting, there will come a time when you will have to replace the existing markings with new ones. At that time, you would find that the existing floor marking signs are very easy to remove and they do not leave a stain behind.

    Ready to improve workplace safety with effective floor marking signs? Contact Eisbrecher today to discuss your floor marking project requirements. Our team of experts specializes in creating clear and durable floor marking signs that enhance safety and organization in your facility.