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Innovative exhibition stands for businesses across Qatar

Exhibition Stand

Modular exhibition stands for clients across Qatar

When it comes to exhibition stands, at Eisbrecher, we have a team of expert in-house designers who can model one for you that makes your business stand out in the crowd. That’s it- that’s what we do and we have been doing for some of the well-known businesses across the country for a while now. We know how to display your brand the way you want it within your budget and on time without any fuss. If you want to create a fantastic impression of your business in an upcoming exhibition, get in touch with our team. Call us and arrange an initial consultation today.

Bespoke stands just for your business

In this digital age, when you’re choosing an exhibition to promote your business to make it more visible in the industry, we understand what you’re looking for. With an exhibition stand, not only you’re advertising your business but you’re also directly communicating your customer base on a live platform. You are answering their queries on the spot, taking that this is possible on a digital platform as well with a live chat team or a bot but it will never have the effect that you want. Our team is here for you to make that possible. We can supply design work and display materials ranging from pull-up banners to completely customised stand design, fabrication, installation and breakdown- the complete works.

Experts at creating innovative exhibition stands

At Eisbrecher, we aim to ease your exhibition endeavour by offering an all-encompassing service package that starts with our first sit-down together. During this time, we note down all your ideas and requirements (what you want the stand to look like) and also discuss modifications on what is more practical. Once that’s down, we will get down to work and share regular updates with you on the product that is shaping up to be. We will share photographs of the product so you can have a better idea of how the design would be. This ensures a smooth assembly and dismantling process and avoids last-minute surprises during the installation of your stand. After the final product is ready with your approval, we will assemble your exhibition stand complete with all the graphics and deliver it to you on time. With our team at your service, you won’t need to worry about a single thing when it comes to your exhibition stand design and builds. We will handle everything so that you can concentrate solely on your show.

Choose our exhibition stand design services for:

  • Consultation and planning
  • Stand design and 3D modelling
  • Stand fabrication
  • Equipment, accessory and furniture sourcing
  • Stand installation and dismantling
  • Display graphic design and print
  • Event collateral design and print
  • Project management

Coming to the logistics part, you can rely on us to manage the necessary risk assessments, communicate with the organisers and stand transportation, so you can solely focus on your business and walk on to completed stand ready to exhibit.

Why should you choose Eisbrecher?

  • Specialist team at your service
  • Competitive prices in the market
  • Service that meets your requirements to a tee
  • Experiences designers
  • High-quality products
  • CAD examples

We can turn your stand ideas into a reality and if you have a blank canvas, we will be more than happy to help you with ideas that can make your exhibition stand, catch the eye in a busy environment. Using high-quality prints and exhibition modular systems, we bring your stand to life.

You can contact us for portable stands too

Portable exhibition stands are versatile stands designed to be lightweight, easy to build and extremely compact for transportation. You may also know them as mobile exhibition stand as they can be used anywhere with the minimum storage of fuss.

Companies and organisations that go to industry events now and then would want stands that don’t get in the way. If you want a small, convenient and lightweight exhibition stand that you can put up and take down yourself, a portable stand is a great choice. Are you looking for an Exhibition Stand Builder in Doha, contact us.

To find out more about our exhibition stand designing services, contact Eisbrecher. We are the top Exhibition Stand Contractor in Doha.



We are only a message away from you! If you have any enquiry, please contact us at sales@eisbrecherworld.com and we will be pleased to assist and work along with you to develop your project requirements and provide a turnkey solution -design, installation and commissioning.



P.O. Box: 37677, Zone No. 57,
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P.O. Box: 37677, Zone No. 57,
Street No. 3, Building No. 79,
Industrial Area, Doha, Qatar.

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