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Cladding Facade

Transform Your Building with Stunning Cladding Facade Solutions by Eisbrecher

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    Cladding Facade

    Transform Your Building with Stunning Cladding Facade Solutions by Eisbrecher

    Improve the visuals of your property with façade cladding

    When you’re investing in your property, you would definitely want to stand out from the rest. You would like to see it as the highlight of your neighbourhood. However, after investing thousands of dollars in the down payment, you may not feel like putting much into your home. So, how do you make your home more beautiful while being on a budget? Well, the answer is Façade cladding. It’s one of the best ways to beautify the exterior landscape of your property without the need for invasive as well as expensive modifications. For further details, get in touch with your team at Eisbrecher.

    What is facade cladding?

    For those, who do not know what façade cladding is, you can consider it as an outside skin of your building which not only enhances the visual aesthetic of the property but protects your building against several environmental conditions as well. It’s a physical border that’s applied to the exterior structure and covers most of the exterior part of your property. This option of improving the visual aesthetics of your property also doubles up as a protective layer for the same as well. Oftentimes, additional layers are included to provide thermal isolation, reduce outside noise levels, keep out moisture, and protect the interior and structural parts against the elements.

    Our Cladding Facade Services

    Brick Cladding
    Brick Cladding
    Vinyl Cladding
    Stone Cladding
    Metal Cladding
    Metal Cladding
    Choosing the right material

    When you’re exploring ideas on façade cladding, it’s very important on what type of material you want for the cladding. Different materials have different features that have different benefits when put into use. Also, you should never focus solely on the visuals; it’s essential to consider the purposes you need your cladding to serve, depending on your geographical location, the climate in your area, and other relevant external factors.

    Here’s a quick guide for you containing the most popular facade cladding materials available in the market now. From the traditional to the modern and stylish types, so you can choose what works best for you.

    • Brick: It’s a very common choice for several reasons. Bricks are affordable, they are low-maintenance,  they can provide extra insulation (which makes them ideal for a colder environment) and bricks are very durable and can give any building a classic finish.
    • Vinyl: Over the years, vinyl has also become very popular as a cladding material. It’s more sustainable than bricks and some cases less impactful to the environment.
    • Stone: Although stones are on the higher side on costs when it comes to cladding supplies, they are excellent when it comes to durability and can withstand the harshest environmental conditions. The most popular kinds that are used are- limestone, granite, marble and flint.
    • Metal: Aluminium, galvanized steel, zinc, copper are some of the metals that are used as cladding supplies. They can last several decades and are warranted to be fire-proof, insect-free and come in various styles and finishes.

    Ready to transform your building with a stunning cladding facade? Contact Eisbrecher today to discuss your project requirements. Our team of cladding experts is ready to provide personalized recommendations, discuss design options, and guide you through the process of creating a remarkable cladding facade for your building.