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Comprehensive interior fitout solutions for customers across Qatar

Fitout can be described as a process that converts an interior space ready for occupation. This type of service is generally carried out in commercial buildings where the floor space is left bare for the customer to decide the level of refurbishment that would require. It helps the customer to plan how the business would look like when they are ready to move in. Alternatively, in building preparations, interior fitout can be explained as certain completed activities such as floor installations, ceilings, furnishings, and partitions. Other building services such as cabling, wiring, and setting up communication arrangements also come under this process. If you are looking for a team who can take care of all the activities that come under this service, get in touch with Eisbrecher, we will be more than happy to help you.

Eye-catching interior fitout designing

When you hire our team at Eisbrecher for your building, you will be glad to know that you are hiring a team of experts who have worked with several well-known companies across the region. We have the knowledge to carry out both small and large-scale interior fitout projects to the highest of standards whilst keeping the costs within your budget.

We understand that the visual aesthetics of your office plays a major role in creating an image of your business in front of your clients. That’s why our designers note down all the specifics of your needs and ensure that the final result leaves you with a smile and completely satisfied.

Only high-quality materials are used in all our fitout projects and we can deal with all types of complex structural challenges. With interior fitout designing, we always take an all-encompassing approach that starts with analyzing the structure first and completes at meeting all your requirements including fire-proofing your workspace. For further details or to start with the initial consultation, give us a call.

Different types of fitout that you should consider

  • Shell and core fitout: In this type, several processes such as interior wall installations, setting-up power connections, lighting and heating installations are taken care of. Although from the outside, the building looks complete, it is not and with shell and core fit-out the final touches are put in. It also allows a business to custom-fit a space to its specifications.
  • Category A fitout: This process is generally carried out in commercial spaces that are ready for rent. It included installing features such as:
    • Raised access floors
    • HVAC systems
    • Fire protection systems
    • Toilets
    • Grid ceiling
    • Electrical outlets

The basic electrical wiring, as well as plumbing fixtures, are already available in spaces where category A fitouts are needed, but they lack the secondary features of the design that’ll make it fit for its intended use.

Category B Fitout: Category B fitouts fill in the blanks that are left by category A fitout. This category specifically designs your commercial space just the way you want it to look. It may include adding furniture, installing lighting, window treatments, partitioning, adding floors, painting and most important of all, branding.

Why should you hire Eisbrecher?

For several reasons- we can help you upgrade the look of your location, or if you’re moving to a new space, design the area according to your requirements. When it comes to professional interior fitout for building in Doha, we employ:

  • Our technical expertise
  • Numerous perspectives and recommendations oriented to optimal solutions
  • A high level of professional management
  • We try to utilize the available space to its maximal potential
  • Going the extra mile to ensure you are happy with the outcome

From the very start of the project to the final handover, we don’t take anything for granted. Our team actively listens to all your design requirements to gain a deep understanding of your vision and suggest realistic solutions to meet the objectives. If you are looking for Interior Fitout for Contractor in Doha, hire our team, and contact Eisbrecher today.

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We are only a message away from you! If you have any enquiry, please contact us at sales@eisbrecherworld.com and we will be pleased to assist and work along with you to develop your project requirements and provide a turnkey solution -design, installation and commissioning.



P.O. Box: 37677, Zone No. 57,
Street No. 3, Building No. 79,
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P.O. Box: 37677, Zone No. 57,
Street No. 3, Building No. 79,
Industrial Area, Doha, Qatar.

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