Upcoming exhibitions in Qatar

Are you interested in knowing about the upcoming exhibitions in Qatar? Don’t worry! Below mentioned are
some of the exhibitions that you can keep an eye out for shortly.

The Annual Research Forum and Exhibition 2022

2022 has been dubbed as the year of inspiration coupled with research, innovation and sustainability. The
exhibitions aim to engage nations through sports. Hosted by Qatar University, the Annual Research Forum and
Exhibition 2022 is a significant event that brings together students and researchers, including academics from
the nation’s top ten colleges as well as seventeen institutes and research centres. The objective of this forum is
to contribute and have a healthy discussion on Qatar Universities’ research activities and outputs. Additionally,
it will also highlight the challenges and issues faced by the community. The goal of universities in Qatar is to
achieve research-driven learning, entrepreneurship and most importantly learning. In addition to creating
change, the forum also provides universities in Qatar with an opportunity to promote their vision and reward
the winning university research that supports Qatar’s research priorities which are in line with the Qatar
National Vision 2030. As mentioned above, the theme of this year’s forum will be engaging nations through
research, innovation, and sustainability. The forum will also address research and innovation during COVID and
post-COVID including sustainability issues, post the World Cup 2022. The exhibition is scheduled to take place
at the Qatar University Research Complex on the 3 rd and 4 th of October 2022.

Doha EXPO 2023, Qatar

Back in the day, it was an impossible task to green the desert. But with advancements in technology, greening
the desert is possible. However, achieving sustainability and maintaining it is a topic that needs to be
addressed immediately. If we solve this problem, it can be an answer to universal food scarcity, and water and
energy problems. Solutions that enable cultivating crops and trees in desert lands play a vital role in reversing
desertification problems that are happening across the globe. The Green Desert idea combines traditional
agricultural practices with modern techniques such as hydroponics, permaculture etc. which covers scientific,
economic, educational, social and cultural aspects to add in a very sustainable manner. The expo will also
highlight the benefits of clean technologies like irrigation with natural sources. If we as individuals do not
change our mindset and have a positive perspective on the future, this vision can become a reality. It needs
the support of people. One of the significant problems to mother earth today is global warming, which is the
root cause of many problems in the world today. Regardless of age, gender and wealth, global warming is a
serious issue that needs to be dealt with. Are you aware that one-third of the world’s land surface area is
impacted by desertification? It affects the livelihood of millions of people who rely on the ecosystem for
sustenance. Annually, 12 million hectares of land are impacted by desertification, which is making it a global
issue. Over time, it will not be able to support people living on it, which can result in an economic challenge.

Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition

This exhibition provides an environment for the collaboration of up-and-coming local and international fashion
designers. It is a forum for them to showcase their work and talent, including inspiring and motivating
individuals from their industry. From fashion shows to a hands-on workshop, this forum should not be missed
by aspiring fashion designers. Highlights of the forum are mentioned below:

  1. New designers get an opportunity to present their exclusive collections.
  2. Fashion shows that happen daily, including talks from industry experts and a hands-on workshop.
  3. More than 150 exhibitors from the Arab world, including Turkey and Qatar.


Dimdex 2024

Dimdex 2024 is a top-class forum for technology, maritime and defence industry capabilities. It is mainly
attended by important decision-makers and industry experts in the security and maritime defence industry. It
allows the exhibitors to showcase their state-of-the-art technology as well as build connections that could lead
to building significant partnerships. Additionally, Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) and important
agreements are signed and announced live during this three-day event.

Qatar Foodex Internation Food and Technology Exhibition

Taking place from the 10 th to the 12 th of October 2022, this exhibition is a great opportunity for the food and
hospitality industry in Qatar to meet and rub shoulders and discuss the trends in the industry.

University Expo Qatar

The University Expo Qatar is one kind of event in Qatar which is held for two days for students aged 16 and
above, including parents, school principals, career advisors and counsellors.

Qatar Travel Mart 2023

The Qatar travel mart is an event where we come across the latest trends in sports, MICE, Medical, Leisure
and Luxury. With Qatar hosting the world’s most incredible sporting event – FIFA World Cup 2022, this
exhibition is an excellent platform for businesses and individuals in the industries mentioned above to build
new connections, identify fresh opportunities and most importantly reconnect with existing relationships.
The event will host influential leaders and experts, including stakeholders who will provide insights into the
latest industry trends.

Doha Jewellery and Watches

The Doha Jewellery and Watches is one of the most significant exhibitions in Qatar business events. This
event gathers high-profile jewellery experts, stakeholders, global brands, and eager designers. This event
showcases the beauty, heart, and glamour including the craftsmanship and workmanship, to describe each
jewel with an unforgettable story. The event is scheduled to happen in February 2023.

Project Qatar

Project Qatar is an exhibition that caters to the International construction, technology and building
materials industry and related industries. This tradeshow focuses on the fast-paced, lucrative construction
market and the platform for new businesses to generate leads with several stakeholders. This event attracts
leading companies worldwide and connects industry leaders and influential decision-makers in Qatar. The
exhibition is scheduled to take place in May 2023.

Cityscape Qatar

Cityscape Qatar is the country’s largest real estate and investment exhibition that brings architects, and
developers together under one roof with investors and buyers. The show also features the city’s most
exciting real estate opportunities from developers across various property sectors. Additionally, you have
the chance to connect with leading industry experts and find sustainable solutions to tackle the current
market challenges across all real estate sectors.

Hospitality Qatar

2022 is a significant year for Qatar. The hospitality sector is slated to witness a rise in demand to cater for
the upcoming global and local events. From sports events and staycations to exhibitions to food festivals
and much more, the hospitality sector in 2022 for Qatar will be taken to the next level. This exhibition is
curated to support the country’s major stakeholders, such as Qatar Airways and Qatar Tourism, including
government entities and private investors.

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