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Corporate Video/Presentations

In an increasingly hurried world, videos are very effective in creating the initial connect with prospects. Videos are being used today to introduce new offerings, showcase their use, and also provide customer support for the same. Eisbrecher has worked with marquee brands in India and abroad. This gives us keen insight on how to leverage videos for effective Marketing. We will work closely with you to derive the key messages and then present them in our own way to make it interesting and enticing.

Ad Films

Ad Films are no longer restricted to broadcasting on TV channels only. Such films are being uploaded on social media pages of the company, and relevant, third-party websites in order to increase visibility around the product or service. Unlike Ad films on TV which are an expensive option and come with time limits, ad films uploaded on sites do not have any restrictions and are very cost-effective. Eisbrecher routinely creates such films and can do the same to generate interest around your products or services

Still Photography

Photographs are timeless, and integral to any Marketing initiative. Photographs of company events, product launches, team or department get-togethers, prospect and client meetings, etc, can be archived and integrated into any Marketing collateral. We have professional photographers on our rolls who can capture these moments with finesse and make your Marketing Collateral stand out in the crowd

Virtual Walkthroughs

Virtual walkthrough or simulations are an ideal method of familiarizing users with a new project or product. They are very effective for Realty companies, Architects, Interior Decorators, Doctors and Mechanical Engineers to project how a finished product would look like. Eisbrecher uses the latest softwares and simulation tools to create walkthroughs which take customer engagement to a different level altogether

Training Videos

Till recently, Learning and Development (L&D) departments of companies had to grapple with the logistics of training their employees. In addition to the large number of employees, coordinating training for employees in remote locations across different time zones is another challenge. All this is a thing of the past now. Training Videos that feature the trainer, involve graphics, animation, and text overlay are being used to impart training. Trainees can pause, and rerun the videos for quick, real-time learning. Eisbrecher’s team is tech-savvy and can create powerful videos that are also optimized for file size and quick loading.


Documentary Videos are a very effective way for companies to participate in social discussions. Such videos can be uploaded to relevant sites and influence public thinking and policy making on important issues that affect industry and the society alike. It’s the ideal mechanism to propagate the company’s CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives. Eisbrecher’s copywriting team can help you with the storyboards, script and designing of the video.

Digital and Interactive

Interactive websites and interactive applications are a game changer. They engage the user in interesting ways and enhance the user experience. Product and service companies alike can use such interactive tools to acquire and retain customers better.


Powerpoint presentations, animated presentations and video presentations are an important tool in the hands of sales and marketing personnel. While Brochures and Flyers are at a high-level and address a wide audience, these presentations carry more detail and are aimed at specific decision-makers in prospect companies. Our designers have enormous experience, having created presentations in various formats, for several market-leading brands