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Signage and Outdoor

Signage and Outdoor

Among the five types of media: Print, Electronic, Outdoor, Transit and Miscellaneous, Outdoor is an important one as it targets a wide category of buyers. From local to regional businesses, from national to multinational corporates, from political parties to not-for-profit organizations, outdoor advertizing is an important arm of the marketing campaign

Eisbrecher can undertake the entire process for an Outdoor Marketing campaign right from strategy, thro planning, execution, and monitoring the campaign’s effectiveness. Our team of designers and copywriters will create powerful messages and visually stunning designs that will improve brand recall and make your campaign effective.

Some of the media that we can harness to your advantage are
Signage: Sidewalk signs, outdoor bulletin boards, outdoor literature dispensers, outdoor light boxes, plastic signs and brackets, LED signs, weatherproof screens, waste receptacles, etc

Banners: Street flags, pre-printed flags, banner standees, event flags, etc

Hoardings/Billboards: Painted billboards, Digital billboards, Mobile billboards, Multi-purpose billboards etc

Bus Shelters: Interactive or digital ads, and static ads, in different materials such as hardboard, vinyl and metal

Vehicle Branding: Vehicle wraps, and in-vehicle literature

Kiosks: Kiosks, podiums, canopies, tents, stalls and booths

Augmented Reality: At bus shelters, malls, rail stations, airports, and traffic junctions

Digital Screens: Digital and Electronic billboards featuring LED display