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Point of Sale (POS)

In Retail outlets, consumers spend short but significant amount of time at the checkout counter. That is why; these locations are considered important or strategic for placing marketing messages. Static and mobile standees, Banners, Flags, posters, display packs, are placed next to or behind the counter, or adjacent to the conveyor belts. These generally carry information on sale offers, and trigger last minute purchases. Eisbrecher is familiar with and has adequate experience in POS marketing and can help you with both strategy and execution.

Brand Promotions

In today’s world of high-decibel marketing, merely having in-store advertising is not enough to influence your prospects’ choices. In such a scenario, kiosks & podiums, which are light boxes wrapped in photo back-lits ,are an attractive way of highlighting your merchandise. Eisbrecher’s light boxes use state-of-the-art computers, tools and equipment to create backlit signs coupled with high quality graphics for a stunning visual effect


Visual Merchandizing is a clear differentiator in all retail and franchisee-type businesses. In a competitive marketplace where similar products and services are offered by several companies, Visual Merchandizing can be the game changer. Eisbrecher has experience in merchandizing various categories of products, in India and abroad. Our merchandizing experts have adequate experience and are exposed to latest trends, equipment and best practices from India and abroad.

Corporate Gifting

An effective promotional campaign begins with exceptional creative ideas. We have enough experience with Gifting, having handled the gifting needs for several Corporates. Further, our strong relationship with a large network of vendors and suppliers ensures the costs are kept low and you have more design or material options for your chosen gift