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Eisbrecher started cost effective corporate Identity solutions for Start-Ups and SMEs

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12/6/2015 6:45:33 AM

You never get a second Chance to make a first impression... Corporate Identity is the first step towards branding. Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind. Eisbrecher has started cost effective Corporate Identity solutions for start-up firms and Small and Medium Enterprises. Our Creative approach with designs will deliver the message clearly through your logo, Connects your target prospects emotionally with a punch line, confirms your credibility through business cards and motivates the buyer and cements user loyalty with other collateral. We have different cost effective packages based on your requirement. Why Corporate Identity? Every industry has a face of its own and to make it special you need a special identity that makes you different from the others. Being special is of vital importance in the rat race for recognition. It is here that the logo steps in. In a highly competitive world where businesses are churned out by the dozen, the need to make a lasting impression is of great magnitude. The consumer has a wide range of options to choose from and if a company needs to make its presence felt, it should have a classy logo. Creating an impression Our first meeting with someone is important, as it creates a lasting impression. The way we present ourselves helps the other person to observe us and form certain opinions about us. Products and companies are treated in a similar fashion, so to create a niche for itself every company needs to have a unique brand image. Consumer Bonding A company can have a perfect and permanent bonding with its customers only if it works in keeping with its business objectives and upholds its ethos, culture, tenets and goals. The image needs to be effective and eye- catching enough to connect the company and the customers. A fillip to Business Consumer decisions are influenced by personal experiences with a corporate identity. This creates a strong and positive impact and a favorable mental image of the business in a consumer's mind. A well planned identity gives good returns in terms of referrals and repeat business. However businesses may need to update their corporate identity with the ideological changes in the targeted market and the global needs. Professionals can help create attention grabbing logos, swanky business cards and letter heads, mind boggling brochures and fascinating envelopes and other stuff to make your business zoom. You can create a sense of value and build an unbreakable link with your customer. How we work? 1. Give us info about Your Company- Fill up the Creative Questionnaire To create an effective identity for you, we need to have a complete understanding of your company. Be honest about your business, your goals, and the image you want to portray. Also let us know what logos of other businesses you like or dislike. We have developed a simple online creative questionnaire to help you provide us with the necessary information to prepare our creative brief and to understand your business. The questionnaire should be completed when you place your order with us. 2. Choose the Logo that catches your eye. Our design team will provide you initial design concepts to choose from based on your package. You may choose one of these designs to move ahead or make it a good take off. 3. Constructive Feedback Give our design team some useful feedback that will help them to refine your logo. Tell the design team what you like/dislike about each design, and what changes you would like to make in the design direction of your choice. This will help our designers to develop the best logo for your business and delivers the revised version based on your feedback. 4. Okay your Final Logo Design. You may choose to finalize your logo design at any point in the design process. You may decide that one of the initial concepts is perfect, or you may make your choice after a few design revisions. 5 Your dream logo at last. Your new logo will then be made available to you in several formats, so you can begin to implement your new identity as soon as possible. We will send you a CD- Rom containing your new logo design in each graphic format. Your Logo Kit includes all digital files, Vector /Tiff files which can easily be re-sized and used for printing purposes, Low size file formats for web, Gray-scale for single color prints. Other formats will be given on request. If you want to know more about our services, please feel free to contact us: E-mail: orMobile: +974 30895975

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